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My name is Mary Ecsedy, and I am the Managing Partner and principal website business consultant of our company. Since 2003 I have been building and marketing websites with my husband and business partner, Don Ecsedy, working with teams of website programmers and other professionals on a per-project basis.

The World Wide Web is still basically a wild frontier, and everyone trying to do business here faces a high degree of risk via their websites. That's why our company logo for Circuit Riders, LLC is a group of cowboys carrying shotguns (from a photograph of my great-grandfather and his brothers).

Circuit Riders, LLC. Taking care of business on the Web since 2003
Taking care of business on the Web since 2003

We want to help everyone who comes to our site, and offer this free website planning tool. The Website Action Plan is based on our successful website business process, which is based in turn on years of real-world business experience.

We know it's a challenge to be in business! Using your website effectively is essential. Hopefully this will help you organize your website project roadmapping. Who knows? It may actually be all the help you need! Try it out and see for yourself.

FREE Website Action Plan

This form is designed to step you through the process of generating your own Website Action Plan. The form has lots of questions about your business, your goals, and your website situation.

For New and Existing Websites

There is an option for you to indicate whether you are working on a new website project, or an existing website: the questions will change depending on which option you select.

When you're done, you'll receive your Website Action Plan by email containing your answers plus relevant website information and suggestions to help you plan your website project, whatever it is.

There is no hard sell or hidden malware. I use Formstack.com to host the form on a secure server. This is our way to pay-it-forward for all the help Don and I have received through our years of being in business. If you want to hear from me again with articles or whatever, you'll need to actively opt-in when you send the form.

Web-based Business Development for retailers

Website Basics for Business Success!


Create a Successful Website in Phases

Website planning and development in repeating phases is the key to having a successful website.


Pittsburgh website design company offering professional business website consulting services to businesses and organizations in Pittsburgh and across the USA. Our websites succeed by attracting the right visitors, greeting them with the right message, and convincing them to take the next step.

What sets us apart is our business focus on ROI, and our keywords-centric contents process.

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eCommerce marketing companies

eCommerce website consultants


Our streamlined, proprietary process is based on over 14 years of real-world business experience, where success is measured in dollars and failure is not an option.

  1. Business Requirements - The first step is business discovery, to understand your business requirements, industry, competitive challenges, short- and long-term goals.
  2. Keywords Research & Intelligence - Once we understand your business, we do keywords-based business intelligence. We do online searches to learn more about your industry, your competitors, and your customers, from the perspective of Google and other search engines. If you have an existing website, we will research your current page ranking in Google searches.
  3. Roadmapping - The results of our keywords research are used for project planning and roadmapping.
  4. SEO Development - Now we can begin actual website development, starting with writing the SEO elements for each page. Why start with the SEO? Because we build the keywords into the foundations of the site.
  5. Create the Contents - The written contents are another form of Search Engine Optimization. The key to success is using the right words in the appropriate manner for each page on your site.
  6. Design - Graphic design, page layout, and illustrations are all created in order to highlight and support the contents, and to encourage website visitors to become prospects or new customers. (NOTE: This is where most website projects begin - with the design - which is why so many of them fail.)
  7. Website Development - This is the step where the website is actually built; all the pieces - the SEO, Contents, and Design - are all brought together to build the pages, with links and navigation between them.
  8. Launch - Many people see the launch of their new or updated website as the completion of the project. In our process, launching a website into going live on the Web is just the beginning. All the work that goes into the planning and development steps is to allow you to reach the point where you can begin to drive the site for business growth and competitive advantage. What happens next? Do people visit the site? Do they call or buy? Do they leave? Are they looking for what you offer or something else? Is there a mismatch in the keywords and the search phrases used by visitors?
  9. Success! - We call our process The Cycle of Success, because reaching the last step becomes the first step of the next cycle. Every project is different. But this process will allow you to hone your website as a business tool to the point where it will allow you to generate new business at will.

The Cycle of Success:

The cycle of success website process diagram


If you want to build your own website, or if your job requires you to work on a website project, this DIY course will help. We have packaged our website process outlined above, into a self-paced course of lessons and exercises for those of you who would like to do it yourselves and develop your own website or manage your website project more effectively.

This is a practical business website course that will put you in complete control of your project, armed with the essential knowledge you need to successfully manage and drive your website for competitive advantage and business success.

Whether you plan to build and maintain the website yourself, or you need to manage your website project more effectively, Create a Successful Website can help you reach your goals.


SEO marketing approach based on real-world business experience.

We are website business specialists offering targeted marketing and consulting services to businesses and organizations in the Pittsburgh region and nationwide. Owned and operated by Mary and Don Ecsedy since 2003, we have helped numerous clients to grow their businesses through the mechanism of their websites. We are former librarians and technical writers, and leverage our deep knowledge of search, combined with years of website technical expertise and real-world business savvy, to achieve business success through websites.

Life moves on. Don is enjoying his retirement and working on projects of his own. The software engineers we've worked with have all moved up into the big leagues, maintaining eCommerce websites with hundreds of thousands of projects, saving the world from malware, etc.

My own work is focused on what I do best: pushing websites to the top of Google and other search engines using targeted SEO and design to attract the right visitors, and then convincing them to take the next step to convert into a new prospect or retail sale. I am also very good at explaining technical information B2B in terms of its significance to business owners.

I provide effective website business analysis and intelligence consulting services. My experience includes the entire industrial and business supply chain from start to finish, and I can show you how to achieve significant ROI your website investment by integrating it with each department within your organization. Understanding your website in terms of its significance to your business is essential for your success.


Questions? Please call Mary Ecsedy at 412.452.9704 to discuss your website needs and business goals and see what it will take to get started! Together we can decide on the best course of action to help you reach those goals and grow your business through your website. I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have about Create a Successful Website.

Congratulations on taking charge of your business through your website, and I look forward to meeting you.

Here's to your success!

Mary Ecsedy
Website Business Specialist
Circuit Riders, LLC
Managing Partner

Successful website business consulting company with an SEO marketing approach based on real-world business experience.



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